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March 17, 2019 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 17/03/19
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Ruby Rose (5 images)
-Eliza (3 images)
-Riven (3 images)
-Foxes (19 images)
-Cartoons (9 images)
-Robin (6 images)
-Sina (4 images)
-Majin Android 21 (13 images)
-Meiko Shiraki (36 images)
-Android 21 (4 images)

New Doujins
-Caught On The MooMoo Colorized
-Ruida No Sakariba
-My Harem Academia 01 Prologue
-Blueberry Cupcakes

Article Comments
x hunter [12:53 | 03.19.2019]

i already put them in general furry
though Deer does sounds like a good idea
dachshundboy [03:00 | 03.19.2019]

Well, there’s a Deer furry album...
x hunter [13:51 | 03.18.2019]

well, i had 9 so i put them in general furry
Chuy [01:01 | 03.18.2019]

That's definitely something furry rather than a faun. Fauns are more like people with goat legs, so they'd go either in Mythology or Humans w/ Animal Characteristics.
x hunter [21:53 | 03.17.2019]

we don't have a faun category

so... now what? generaL furry?
dachshundboy [20:06 | 03.17.2019]

Probably. Certainly looks deer-like
x hunter [17:21 | 03.17.2019]

i need help identifying in what category an image belongs to

what kind of creature is she?
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