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March 16, 2019 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 16/03/19
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Neo (11 images)
-Kairi (14 images)
-Rick and Morty (32 images)
-Sypha Belnades (4 images)
-Furry (6 images)
-Hotel Transylvania (9 images)
-Chocolate Magician girl (3 images)
-DC Group (4 images)
-Group (3 images)
-Lilith (3 images)
-Azula (9 images)
-Zelda Group (3 images)
-Lana (5 images)
-Valentine (3 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [01:29 | 03.17.2019]

x hunter [01:25 | 03.17.2019]

want us to check for empty albums? stuff that are leftovers from long ago?
BigStudBen [22:46 | 03.16.2019]

I'm also having Login Issues again, like I had mention once before. <3
dachshundboy [21:39 | 03.16.2019]

If I approve a pending doujin, the links in the top bar for both pending albums and doujins don’t work; the link to pending images does.
AerisDies [18:42 | 03.16.2019]

I removed some of the test albums dach. I left one test album for doujins up, i'll delete it next week.

So two bugs that were talked about. Hat in time incorrect image count and favorite folders going to img 0. anything else?
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