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November 7, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 07/11/18
New Albums
-Priestess (11 images)

Updated Albums
-Dr. Ivy (1 images)
-Kurotsuchi (1 images)
-T.U.F.F. Puppy (1 images)
-Video Games (1 images)
-Evangelyne (1 images)
-Adventure Time (1 images)
-Nurses (1 images)
-Stella Loussier (1 images)
-WarioWare (1 images)
-Food (1 images)
-Purple hair (1 images)
-Shygal (1 images)
-Zero Two (1 images)
-Polt (1 images)
-Wasp (1 images)
-Misc Digimons (1 images)
-My-HiME (1 images)
-03 Virginia Maxwell (1 images)
-Boudica (1 images)
-Elly (1 images)
-Group (1 images)
-Murasaki (1 images)
-Hsien-Ko (1 images)
-Gaz Membrane (1 images)
-Yuuna the haunted hotspring (1 images)
-Marceline (1 images)
-April O\'Neil (6 images)
-Fairy (2 images)
-Toph Bei Fong (3 images)
-Haru Okumura (2 images)
-The Little Mermaid (2 images)
-Jeanne dArc (2 images)
-Amalia Sheran Sharm (2 images)
-Blaze (2 images)
-Kemono Friends (2 images)
-Yukari Takeba (2 images)
-Futaba Sakura (2 images)
-Tatsumaki (2 images)
-Roll (2 images)
-Nicole Watterson (2 images)
-Voltron (1 images)
-Elf Girls (2 images)
-Renamon (2 images)
-Flannery (2 images)
-Harpie (2 images)
-Miqote (2 images)
-Himiko Toga (2 images)
-Crash Bandicoot Group (2 images)
-Buffalo Wing (2 images)
-Delphox (2 images)
-Majin race (3 images)
-Caster (2 images)
-Vocaloid Yuri (2 images)
-Mayl (2 images)
-Tales Of Berseria (2 images)

New Doujins
-Trifling Magician
-Da Younguns and Dragons 2
-Easy Night
-Haley Service
-Da Younguns and Dragons 1
-There goes the neighborhood
-Stress Relief
-Harem Frontier 1
-Hardon Sibs
-Kim and David
-Uniform Sister
-Sister catches Brother
-Blind Date
-Bath Secret
-Odoru Kemono Tachi
-Hot fun in the summer
-Cross Coda
-Temptation 2
-Temptation 1
-Running girl

Article Comments
x hunter [13:16 | 11.08.2018]

meh, don't feel like it anymore
dachshundboy [12:55 | 11.08.2018]

Also, apparently a new one that’s in progress called Courtesans Apprentice
dachshundboy [12:51 | 11.08.2018]

Also, there’s a comic set between Facts of Life and Summer Heat called Alchemy of Love

dachshundboy [12:48 | 11.08.2018]

I can check again in a bit, though I’m pretty sure you uploaded the remastered version. You can find both versions on ehentai by looking up Aquarina, and there’s definite improvements in the art style
x hunter [12:15 | 11.08.2018]

ok, i'll upload the "something about us" separately
x hunter [12:10 | 11.08.2018]

ah? i didn't know about that
i think its the old version

i only came accross it at random (reached the artist's website)
so that mean i can't really get back to it
dachshundboy [20:49 | 11.07.2018]

Also, for Summer Heat, did you upload the original, or the remastered version; I remember the artist going back and redoing it about a year or so ago
dachshundboy [20:48 | 11.07.2018]

1. Might as well
2. Sure
3. Yeah, I would still upload it; nobody /has/ to read it, and it continues the story anyway (also, I love that series and am so happy someone finally got around to uploading it; there’s so few good FMA doujins out there)
4. I’d say do it separately.
x hunter [15:53 | 11.07.2018]

im second guessing myself about some of the doujins i uploaded

3 : the doujin "Facts of life 4" involves sex with a heavily pregnant woman. sure it continues the story and its romantic but this feels way too uncomfortable to think about that.
should i have even uploaded it?

4 : the doujin "Something about us 1,2 and 3" is a compilation of 3 doujins.
Should i rather upload them separately? the first two are just... WEIRD and strange compared to the more acceptable third.
x hunter [12:18 | 11.07.2018]

so i got a few questions

1 : the unlisted doujin, hito ni yasashiku. do i reupload it so it can get listed?

2: what do i do with the pile of vintage porn comics i found?
they might only be covers but they are still porn images.
put them in retro pin-up?
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