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October 11, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 11/10/18
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Bowsette (36 images)
-Group (4 images)
-Nero (2 images)
-Asuka (8 images)
-Fire Emblem (11 images)
-Princess Peach Toadstool (2 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
dachshundboy [02:20 | 10.14.2018]

Power's back on. In a related note, I actually live in NC; we actually didn't get much in terms of the storm severity, but enough for some wires to be taken down.
x hunter [18:20 | 10.13.2018]

cool, so it IS pending
Crusnik05 [15:01 | 10.13.2018]

I did create an album but I'll still have more images to add to it
x hunter [13:16 | 10.13.2018]

on a side note, will a princess boo be soon put on?
x hunter [11:44 | 10.13.2018]

good to know
i didn't know you live in florida so i didn't expect that hurricane to affect you
dachshundboy [07:45 | 10.13.2018]

Sorry guys, Hurricane Michael took out my power. I’m typing this on my phone (which I still can’t charge at home btw) to let you know why the next update or two will probably be totally empty. I should be back in a day or so (been without power for about 36 hours now)
x hunter [14:16 | 10.12.2018]

something i found, a comic project about peach with a similar outfit as bowsette
x hunter [12:24 | 10.12.2018]

ya, my mistake
Crusnik05 [23:14 | 10.11.2018]

Well that image only just got posted so easy mistake to make
x hunter [13:22 | 10.11.2018]

dang it!
i just realized i uploaded a copy of this image
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