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October 10, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 10/10/18
New Albums

Updated Albums
-sword art online (10 images)
-Shantae (5 images)
-Satsuki Kiryuin (2 images)
-Video Games (9 images)
-Cerebella (2 images)
-Terra (2 images)
-Gardevoir (2 images)
-Marina (3 images)
-Frozen (2 images)
-Splatoon group (3 images)
-Mighty Switch Force (2 images)
-Blair flannigan/Rei saotome (3 images)
-Dead or Alive Yuri (12 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [11:57 | 10.11.2018]

it would either be splatoon's album or bowsette's album
x hunter [11:56 | 10.11.2018]

well, when it comes to cosplay, you put the image in the base character's album, not its costume's album.

so your second image will go into bowsette.
your first image could be something else however.
it could be considered a inkling-fied bowsette or an inkling disguised as bowsette. theres options for both but neither go into the crossover album
Crusnik05 [02:05 | 10.11.2018]

This is the image

Also this one should just go in crossover right
Crusnik05 [02:01 | 10.11.2018]

I don't have many more images to upload so once I'm done I'll let other people take over and add whenever, also where should I put a picture of an inkling girl cosplaying as bowsette like it's a mashup so I thought videogame crossover but it's just one character
dachshundboy [00:49 | 10.11.2018]

Shouldn't take more than a week; im approving 36 new Bowsette every other update until I run out
x hunter [16:41 | 10.10.2018]

so far, ive uploaded a few newly made images
x hunter [16:09 | 10.10.2018]

mmm.... good point, tough ive already uploaded the 4 ive collected
dachshundboy [16:07 | 10.10.2018]

Mind waiting until after I've approved the current batch? It'll help cut down on accidental dupes
x hunter [15:30 | 10.10.2018]

*sight* i think i'll just give up trying to resist the bowsette flood.
theres just so much good art that appeal to my "x hunter" side
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