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October 8, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 08/10/18
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-Minnie May (11 images)

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-RWBY Group (3 images)
-Overwatch Group (2 images)
-Maids (2 images)
-Dawn (4 images)
-Tatsumaki (7 images)
-Animal Path (2 images)
-Mon Colle Knights (8 images)
-Huntress Wizard (2 images)
-Amy Rose (4 images)
-Jinx (6 images)
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2 images)
-Crossover (5 images)
-Blue haired beauties (2 images)
-Kingdom Hearts (2 images)
-Kefla (2 images)
-Abba (4 images)
-Starfire (4 images)
-BelleStarmon (2 images)
-Mozu (2 images)
-Majin Android 21 (6 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [13:37 | 10.10.2018]

well, i had a feeling that the word used for the chinese dress was not the same as what i was looking for but i had no idea what it was, hence why i asked for help
dachshundboy [03:35 | 10.10.2018]

To be fair, I had to search for it as well. I knew it was something beginning with C, but damn if I knew any of the other letters
x hunter [16:11 | 10.09.2018]

i guess i was looking for the wrong word
thanks for the help
dachshundboy [13:23 | 10.09.2018]

The album is called Cheongsam, or something very similar
x hunter [13:04 | 10.09.2018]

i searched for Quipao, qipao, chinese dress, dress, chin
but it doesn't show up
x hunter [13:03 | 10.09.2018]

dachshundboy [03:24 | 10.09.2018]

x hunter [20:11 | 10.08.2018]

oh, i forgot to mention that her kung fu outfit looks like a quipao, a chinese dress

i vaguely seem to remember there was already an album for that but i can't find it
dachshundboy [13:55 | 10.08.2018]

Ok, the way I see it, you have 3 options: Costumes and Outfits, Sporty, and Uniforms. Personally, I would suggest Sporty, since Martial Arts are technically a type of sport
dachshundboy [13:53 | 10.08.2018]

Uniforms, maybe? Give me a second to see if there's a better option
x hunter [13:41 | 10.08.2018]

hey dach, i got a question : theres an artist with an OC that is a kung fu gal, got 2 images

where would they go?
im guessing Random but wich specific album? she got a kung fu outfit
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