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July 11, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 11/07/18
New Albums
-Born of Itheriont (11 images)
-Dragon Quest Monsters (18 images)
-Patty (11 images)
-Milly (8 images)
-Maam (10 images)

Updated Albums

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [12:18 | 07.12.2018]

except that i noticed that when too much time is passed before approval, images tend to vanish into the nether.
maybe you could spare one regular album update each time?
dachshundboy [01:10 | 07.12.2018]

1019 currently. Working my way through the backlog of pending albums first before I return to approving images to existing albums.
x hunter [19:02 | 07.11.2018]

heh, i nearly have a thousand pending images due to all my pending albums
x hunter [14:00 | 07.11.2018]

theres already a 101 strong Maam album in the Fly folder
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