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May 13, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 13/05/18
New Albums
-Bashou (12 images)
-Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2 images)

Updated Albums
-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (2 images)
-Riven (3 images)
-Ahri (2 images)
-Marinette Cheng (3 images)
-Lapis Lazuli (2 images)
-Undyne (2 images)
-Sucy Mababaran (2 images)
-Zoe Orimoto (3 images)
-Isolde (3 images)
-Kefla (2 images)
-Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (5 images)
-Sabine Wren (3 images)
-Star Wars (4 images)
-Jinx (2 images)
-Granblue Fantasy (2 images)

New Doujins
-Cock Crazy
-Akala Captain Suiren Kyousei
-A day at the mall
-Moving in
-Deep Night Hero
-The Princess Secret
-Kasumi Jingai Makyou Den
-Dragon Queens 6
-Boys Prohibited
-Big Sis Martinas Tribulation
-Trust And Century
-Bokkimon Lana Is Really
-Martina In Heat
-A new job
-Mandalay Ni Fude Oroshi Shite

Article Comments
x hunter [13:24 | 05.14.2018]

also, so far in my research, it seems that the 2 arcade games are very well known, unlike the comic book and the tv show
x hunter [12:45 | 05.14.2018]

true true
dachshundboy [01:13 | 05.14.2018]

Besides, unlike Xmen, I can't see this new one being a very big album; I'd never even heard of it until the album was submitted, so that tells me it's a very niche category
BigStudBen [23:06 | 05.13.2018]

I know & I wasn't, I was just merely making a comparison. <3
x hunter [22:12 | 05.13.2018]

hey, im not the one who made that one so don't blame me.
its one of the early albums of this site
BigStudBen [18:35 | 05.13.2018]

Now you know how I feel that X-Men being in Video Games, oh well. <3
x hunter [18:30 | 05.13.2018]

well, its done, its done
dachshundboy [12:34 | 05.13.2018]

Id never heard of it before, so I trusted the uploader knew where to put it
x hunter [11:47 | 05.13.2018]

its nice to see a Cadillac and Dinosaur album but.... why in videogames?
its a cartoon and comicbook first and foremost no?
the game was simply a derivative of that, no?
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