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May 12, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 12/05/18
New Albums
-Digimon Story series (12 images)

Updated Albums
-RWBY Group (3 images)
-Princess Zelda (4 images)
-Console O/S Girls (2 images)
-Chiki (3 images)
-Crossover (2 images)
-Catria (2 images)
-Mina Ashido (2 images)
-Zelda Group (3 images)
-Ryuuko Matoi (2 images)
-DC Comics (2 images)
-Coco Bandicoot (2 images)
-Midna (2 images)
-Domino (16 images)
-My Hero Academia (8 images)
-Gundam Build Fighters (2 images)
-Elsa (2 images)
-Poppy (2 images)
-Shygal (2 images)
-Charmcaster (2 images)
-Satsuki Kiryuin (2 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
dachshundboy [12:42 | 05.13.2018]

It's currently on the first page when searching RWBY over on danbooru; there's the one I saw, and a variant, though I think both were edited after the version I saw to give her a darker skin tone
x hunter [12:11 | 05.13.2018]

huh, hold on to it, i probably didn't found it when i was sweeping rule34 and gelbooru.
dachshundboy [11:44 | 05.13.2018]

Yeah. Found a good image from one of the artists I follow on DA, Kimmy something-or-other, and I figured it'd be as good a reason as any to make a new album.
x hunter [10:47 | 05.13.2018]

wait, you too?
dachshundboy [02:16 | 05.13.2018]

Huh. And I was just about to make a seed album for Sienna Khan, too. Oh well. Saves me the work.
x hunter [19:52 | 05.12.2018]

didn't know we had a cool world album
there will be lots of images i imagine
BigStudBen [17:29 | 05.12.2018]

I thought it would be cool, to add Lonette & Holli Would Albums to Cool World. I loved that Movie as a Kid, & I also felt it was made ahead of it's time. I really should buy a Blu-Ray Version. I also added some to Crossover Album because they were mixed with Holli & Jessica mostly with Morrigan, Red Hot Riding Hood, Hello Nurse, & the Texas Gal from the Tex Avery Cartoons. So yeah, if they get Approved be on the look out for them.
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