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January 9, 2018 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 09/01/18
New Albums
-Buffalo Wing (14 images)
-Freedom Planet (11 images)
-Blend S (13 images)
-Blossom (14 images)

Updated Albums
-Makoto Nanaya (4 images)
-Star Butterfly (3 images)
-Blood Elf (2 images)
-Lusamine (1 images)
-ZONE (8 images)
-BelleStarmon (3 images)
-Zyra (3 images)
-Group (3 images)
-Charlotte Pudding (3 images)
-Yuri (2 images)
-The Road to El Dorado (4 images)
-Ruby Rose (13 images)
-Vinsmoke Reiju (30 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
BigStudBen [17:53 | 01.09.2018]

Damned, you're right Hunter, we're close to having 100,000 Anime Images Post.
BigStudBen [17:51 | 01.09.2018]

I uploaded 3 Nintendo Doujins today.

1. Fire Emblem Doujin that stars Minerva & Caeda. I even thought we already have it but I was wrong. :P <3

2. Xenoblade Doujin that stars Pyra & Mythra. Blondes & Redheads. <3

3. Splatoon Doujin that stars Marina. Usually I'm not big on Splatoon, but there's no way I could ignore Dem Giant Chocolate Octopus Tiddies. <3

And I even throw in a Bulma Doujin. <3
x hunter [17:42 | 01.09.2018]

on another subject, i just noticed that the anime folder is 52 images away from growing to 100 000 images
x hunter [17:25 | 01.09.2018]

okay that was kinda unusual.

theres this image.... the girl's body is magnificent but the face is just... ugh
but i realize that just accounts for my personnal taste so i upload it as is.
but since i decided to keep it, i do something thats a first for me : i censored the image. i pixelised the face
thats unusual
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