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November 11, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 11/11/17
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Mallow (5 images)
-Mélusine (3 images)
-Gaz Membrane (3 images)
-Starfire (2 images)
-Lyndis (5 images)
-Megara (4 images)
-Hilda (3 images)
-Princess Leia (5 images)
-One Piece (2 images)
-Overwatch Group (2 images)
-Ruby Rose (10 images)
-Anastasia (26 images)
-Disney (17 images)
-The Princess and the Frog (16 images)
-South Park (1 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
dachshundboy [00:41 | 11.13.2017]

Call it whatever you want, just make sure everything's spelled correctly.
x hunter [18:16 | 11.12.2017]

can i call the transformation album "Transformation dances"?
afterall, thats how shantae transform

and the npc album "NPC characters"?
dachshundboy [18:12 | 11.12.2017]

Not really? There should at a minimum be at least two albums: Transformations and NPCs. It's up to you if you want to break down the latter to include a subalbum for enemies
x hunter [13:45 | 11.12.2017]

does these numbers change your suggestion?
x hunter [17:29 | 11.11.2017]

there is 3 images of regular NPCs, 2 images of antagonist Holly (i think she'd go well with the monster girls)
12 images of monster girls
12 images of transformation dances, insufficient to make individual albums

thats the total
dachshundboy [16:29 | 11.11.2017]

Make a small transformation album. You can put subalbums for each transformation in it.

As for the NPCs, do the same, but with a subalbum for noncombatant NPCs, and another for enemies. Though to be fair, each of those could be their own album.
x hunter [13:55 | 11.11.2017]

i need some advice

in shantae, i got enough images to make a sub-album dedicated to the various transformations that shantae's has.

i also have enough images to make an album for the NPC. however, its a mix of side characters you can talk to and monster girls you fight.
should it be left as is??
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