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August 11, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 11/08/17
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-2B (20 images)
-Princess Peach Toadstool (10 images)
-Dominion Tank Police (4 images)
-The King of Fighters (2 images)
-Elf Girls (6 images)
-Purple hair (3 images)
-Stardew Valley (2 images)

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Article Comments
BigStudBen [16:27 | 08.12.2017]

Katey Sagal played as Peggy Bundy in a live action sitcom called "Married... With Children", she also does the voice acting of Leela in Futurama. <3
x hunter [12:06 | 08.12.2017]

i don't know who this peggy bungy is

also, i dunno about making a sub album to the Real people animated one. mostly because there is little images that are uploaded
randomredneck [09:32 | 08.12.2017]

"Real people animated" has always creeped me out. Not sure why. It's just...weird.
BigStudBen [05:45 | 08.12.2017]

I saw some nice pics of "Peggy Bundy" Hentai from Hentai-Foundry.
dachshundboy [02:32 | 08.12.2017]

For example, Barbara Eden's portrayal of Jeannie in "I Dream of Jeannie". I put it in the Genie's album, but since the image also happens to be based on an actress, would've also technically belonged in the Real People Animated Album.

A Portrayal album (and in hindsight, should probably be called Film and TV Portrayals) would help with that gray area between fantasy (the character portrayed) and reality (the actress doing the portrayal)
dachshundboy [02:25 | 08.12.2017]

Thinking about making a Television Portrayal album under the Real People Animated album; for images of characters of live-action television shows. Thoughts?
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