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August 10, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 10/08/17
New Albums
-Hibari (11 images)
-Soleil (7 images)

Updated Albums
-Sakuya Izayoi (9 images)
-Girls with Glasses (6 images)
-Total Drama Island (3 images)
-MLegends group (8 images)
-Kida (9 images)
-Zangya (2 images)
-Boudica (10 images)
-Tron (8 images)
-Ty Lee (2 images)
-Reimu Hakurei (3 images)
-Shower (2 images)
-Spice and Wolf (8 images)
-Pink Hair (6 images)
-Anabel (2 images)

New Doujins
-Levy comic 1
-Levy comic 2
-Here There be Dragons Part III

Article Comments
x hunter [12:00 | 08.11.2017]

i had noticed that the rule 34 site had trouble but i didn't notice for this one

i hope the image i uploaded didn't get deleted due to trouble. it happenned last time the site was down and a lot of the images couldn't be reuploaded
dachshundboy [00:50 | 08.11.2017]

There's a small handful of other albums, but those two probably make up about half the images I managed to approve
BigStudBen [00:31 | 08.11.2017]

Yeah, I notice the site haven't been preforming well for me too, I thought it was just me.

At least we get Peach & 2B updates.
dachshundboy [21:50 | 08.10.2017]

Don't expect a large update tomorrow. Site's been really slow for me all day. Approving images almost always has me refreshing the page to see if the approval took at all.

Still. I got some 2B and Peach images through, so there's that.
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