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July 17, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 17/07/17
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Wendy's (10 images)
-Samurai Jack (10 images)
-Sakuya Izayoi (10 images)
-Group (10 images)
-Villainous (12 images)
-The Last Of Us (2 images)
-She-Hulk (3 images)
-May (2 images)
-Gears of War (2 images)
-Supergirl (8 images)
-Cindy Aurum (2 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [11:04 | 07.18.2017]

how about extra large update for the vacation?
randomredneck [10:43 | 07.18.2017]

Those Touhou fan-artists sure do love the booty...
dachshundboy [09:41 | 07.18.2017]

Ok, I'll see you all in about 2 and a half days. Try not to burn down the site. ^_^
Chuy [00:25 | 07.18.2017]

Got it. Thanks.
dachshundboy [22:39 | 07.17.2017]

CG sets for visual novels go in the Collections section under a new album, UNLESS it's a visual novel for an already existing anime, game, or cartoon. In which case, the set should become a subalbum of that category.
x hunter [20:29 | 07.17.2017]

a CG set? im guessing Collection/GameScreen

its pretty much its whole purpose
Chuy [20:27 | 07.17.2017]

Just in general, but the one I'm gathering up right now is NekoPara.

I guess it could be a Catgirl subalbum in that case.
dachshundboy [20:25 | 07.17.2017]

Which visual novel? If it's one of the Fate/Stay novels, I'd make it a subalbum there
Chuy [20:22 | 07.17.2017]

Where would CG from a visual novel go? Collections/Game Screens, or Video Games?
dachshundboy [12:53 | 07.17.2017]

Right, as soon as this update finishes syncing, I'm going to approve the images for Tuesday, and then the next time you'll hear from me (though to be honest I'll be checking in right up until I leave) will be late afternoon EST on Thursday
x hunter [12:02 | 07.17.2017]

heres a sonic comic, if anyone is interested
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