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April 18, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 18/04/17
New Albums
-Bismuth (2 images)
-Alvida (2 images)

Updated Albums
-Nami (36 images)
-Sailor Jupiter (Lita) (9 images)
-Adventure Time (2 images)
-Ice Queen (2 images)
-Tatsumaki (4 images)
-Tinker Bell (5 images)
-Duck Dodgers (2 images)
-Ninth Grade Ninja (1 images)
-Ahsoka Tano (1 images)
-Danny Phantom (3 images)
-GaoGaiGar (3 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [12:23 | 04.19.2017]

that'll be useful

i know i have a few images of that show pending so if they could be moved to that new future album, i'd be great.
tough im guessing it won't be able to until the album is actually up
randomredneck [00:33 | 04.19.2017]

Submitted a Samurai Jack folder. With all the Ashi (And now Flora) art out there, it needed one.
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