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April 17, 2017 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 17/04/17
New Albums
-Bakara (13 images)

Updated Albums
-Primarina (1 images)
-Fate/stay night (2 images)
-Fumina Hoshino (1 images)
-sly cooper (3 images)
-Mila (1 images)
-Dragongirls (1 images)
-Elsa (4 images)
-Cammy White (2 images)
-Bikini Warriors (1 images)
-Karin Kanzuki (2 images)
-Rebecca (36 images)
-Tsuyu Asui (9 images)
-Sailor Mars (7 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
dachshundboy [13:16 | 04.18.2017]

Nah, you don't have to do that, Ben. I would never tell someone to stop uploading images, unless they were uploading to the wrong albums, uploading disallowed content, or were ignoring repeat warnings.

The reason I approve the One Piece categories in such big chunks is because in image sets, the changes are so minor, that it might as well be one image, even if it's actually multiple ones
x hunter [10:34 | 04.18.2017]

piece of trivia : Baraka (notice the different place of the K) is a french slang word that means "having luck with money"
mostly used in gambling places

also not the only usage of that word for a character name in that serie tough this specific character has nothing to do with gambling, unlike the other one
BigStudBen [03:37 | 04.18.2017]

I guess I can give One Piece a rest... For now.
dachshundboy [17:49 | 04.17.2017]

There's going to be a lot more Nami in the days to come. There's over 300 still pending, and since they're almost entirely from image sets, I like to get rid of them as fast as possible.
BigStudBen [15:01 | 04.17.2017]

What's a better way to start the day, then to look at naked One Piece Girls?

Also I've been uploading Fire Emblem Bunny Girls, & Bondage pics too.
Majin Tobias [13:51 | 04.17.2017]


also holy shit Ben, all those One Piece pics
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