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Image ID41073
Added On01.01.1970
Added ByUnavailable

Sky Raker [04:15 | 06.22.2007]

It is a Ragnarok Online picture. It is a priest getting raped by a group of penomenas.
NoSCOPE666 [23:12 | 12.27.2006]

this looks like a WoW pic, nice pic,though
BitComet [21:59 | 09.29.2006]

Yeah, it looks that way to me too, especially if you include her facial expression and lack of much aggressive movement.
innocent_kitten [23:09 | 07.30.2006]

I wonder though, if the girl might be somewhat willing to let the monster rape her, as her hand is lifting up her skirt a bit. Of course, she could just be trying to push the tentacle away, but that's just how I see it.
TentacleRape [20:34 | 07.29.2006]

+2 for concept (At the mercy of her orcish guards, the priestess is busily being ravaged by incredibly eager tentacles while her captors look on.) +2 for female attractiveness (Hot brunette with an arched nose that helps add to her realism. The way she clutches her book and the tentacle invading her robes adds to her desperation.) +1 for frontal nudity (Nice breasts, but its not being molested so the softness of her vulnerable vistas is underrealized.) +1 for tentacle attractiveness (It is a well depicted monster) +4 for artwork (professional)
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