Cardcaptor Sakura
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Added On07.17.2006
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Evil Buu [20:09 | 09.25.2008]

Oh Toyomo so Sexy!
You must fear the most deadly monster alive.......EVIL BUU!!!!! *Things that bother you, never bother me, I feel happy as pie, Livig in the sunlight, Loving in the moonlight, having a wonderful time* Tiny Tim
dragonmaster1 [21:10 | 05.21.2008]

hey master when do u graduate
a dragon-Neko that has 2 masters named Demonboy, Anon n my dad Daijin. Also my daughter Alexis. also called Rei. (desc. 5ft 9in, light blue eyes, grey hair, tail, n ears) I wear a blue gi w/ a black shirt under it, n white gloves. 2 katanas w/multiple pwr
DevilJinKazama [21:03 | 05.21.2008]

*pets Tomoyo on the head* Good girl. Now, why don't you go over to Dai and make him love you even more? ;)
My character: http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/6594/post1111181042123qp.png Other Info: Loves his sweet Nerra, and has a dogboy/girl for a child, named Anon/Annette.
Daijin [20:59 | 05.21.2008]

Don't look at my love!!! Kidding! You can look...but no touchy! Lol!
Demonboy007 [20:12 | 05.21.2008]

I can't help but feel a bit excitied when I see Tomoyo, esspecially like this...
Life is too short to be serious. It is however not short enough to love. Note: I mean the true, heart warming, painful to be away from, a bright as the sunshine, and as dark as a rainy day love, not the "love" you get from cybering.
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